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Ever since we started back in 2021 our trading strategy centers around Smart Money Concepts, emphasizing a keen understanding of supply and demand dynamics to navigate market directions successfully. We consistently adhere to a framework that integrates market structure and price action, ensuring our trades align with the inherent tendencies of the market. This disciplined approach mitigates the risk of capital loss associated with trading against prevailing market sentiment, highlighting our commitment to prudent and harmonious engagement with market forces. We enforce a 1:5 RR rule to make sure that if a trade goes our way we gain a minimum of 5 x the amount that is in the trading account.

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Jano vd Merwe
Dewald Du Plessis
Great mentorship ,couldn’t ask for better. Since working with Spoove i’ve seen significant positive changes in my trading and would suggest spoove for everybody wanting to learn trade
Since I have joined my knowledge about trading has improved day by day. It even started to show when I started to trade all by myself. They really provide good mentorship and guidance from any level of experience. I would really recommend spoove trading to start your trading journey with.
Reliable, professional and definitely mentorship worth joining. They focus on providing what they promise and that's a 10 out of 10 for me.

What we have to offer

Educational Resources

We offer Discord classes on scheduled nights during the week and we have filmed content we give to each student.

Risk Management

From the start of the mentorship we teach our students the importance of risk management. We are strict on a trade that is 1:5 RR or above, that ensures that you make 5 times or more the amount in your account. However if the trade does not go your way, you only risk 1 percent on your account. We also ensure that the right lot size is being used before a trade is entered to minimize risk.

Market Analysis

To ensure that our students are safe in the markets we usually do a weekly outlook on Sunday nights. We take this chance to ensure all of our students understand what is going on in the markets.

24/7 Customer support

At Spoove, we understand the importance of reliable customer support in the fast-paced Forex market. Our dedicated team of mentors is available 24/7 to assist you with any inquiries, technical issues, or account-related matters.

Platforms we use

We help our students install the wide range of apps we use on a daily basis to trade. After they do this we show the how to use these apps.